Drone photo of custom home with private boat dock, Naples FL Luxury living room with open floor plan and special lighting, Marco Island FL Kitchen remodel with 2 large islands and marble backsplash, Naples FL Modern living room with amazing ceiling detail and views of the water, Naples FL

Custom Home Builders in Naples, Florida

One of a kind Old Naples beach home with custom finishes, Home Builders In Naples Florida
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Luxury living room with bay windows overlooking the water, Naples FL
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Naples • Bonita • Estero • Marco Island

As home builders in Naples Florida, we have seen a transition of design themes over the years from the Florida beach look, to classical Mediterranean. Traditional architecture has shifted to the British West Indies, and the contemporary beach style theme.

Penthouse luxury condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island FL
Marco Island – Penthouse Condo Remodel

Whether building a new custom home, or remodeling an existing luxury home or condo, everyone wants to make their home special. However, for many owners building a custom home or starting a remodeling project can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Are there budget considerations? What about the style, design, and plans? Is the property in the right neighborhood or location to make changes that will increase its value? Are there community or condo association restrictions that may impact the design or plans?

Many wonder if there is a professional that they can trust who will take full responsibility for the entire project? Should you form a team? Which professionals do you need, and how do you select them?

Drone photo of Naples custom home with pool on waterfront, Home Builders In Naples Florida

41 West has been building custom homes and remodeling luxury homes and condos since 1995. 41 West is honored to be ranked #1 on Houzz.com of all general contractors in Naples. The 41 West team collaborates with architects and interior designers to create your dream home or condo.

Luxury modern living room in custom home, Naples FL

41 West understands that you want your own special place that reflects your style and taste. The 41 West process, "The 5 Simple Steps"™ is based on the collaborative method that allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and 41 West builds it, on time, and on budget.

Creating a residence to match your lifestyle is the focus of 41 West. It's what we do. Choose 41 West to build your new custom home, or remodel your luxury home or condo and enjoy our promise of a 41 West 5-Star Experience. You've made it, now live and enjoy it.

The Naples area offers an unmistakable opportunity to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. Fabulous weather, sugar sand beaches, premier golf courses, exclusive shopping, and world class dining. Our area is home to some of the top beach, waterfront, and golf course communities in the country. However, as times change, so do the styles and tastes of people.

Build my Custom Home
  • Your Lot or Ours
  • Design • Build • Enjoy
Remodel my Home
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Partial or Complete
    Home Remodeling
Remodel my Condo
  • Kitchens & Baths
  • Partial or Complete
    Condo Remodeling

Why 41 West?

3 Reasons to select 41 West as your Custom Home Builders in Naples Florida & Luxury Home or Condo Remodeler

Over the years, 41 West has perfected the Collaborative Method. This gives us the opportunity to make a promise of a 5-Star experience to everyone.

There are 3 reasons why we can make this pledge:

  1. Process
  2. Team
  3. Execution

Our Process: 41 West understands that you want your own special place that reflects your personal style and taste. Our process allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and 41 West builds it.

Our Team: 41 West assembles a team for each project, based on trust, in collaboration with architects and interior designers. We use top sub-contractors and suppliers to guarantee the highest quality building standards and a 5-Star client experience.

Our Execution: Our clients expect the best and refuse to take unknown risks to cut costs. Close attention is paid to the requirements of time, budget, design, and craftsmanship. Years of experience have increased our expertise and capacity to integrate state-of-the-art systems and value engineering, as well as practical solutions to unique, and common design challenges.

"The 5 Simple Steps"™

Inspired Naples Design

Exciting design ideas drive every project. It all starts with our listening and idea session.

41 West understands that you want your own special place that reflects your style and taste.

Step 1: “Let’s Talk.”™ This is a listening and idea session to establish the scope and estimated budget range for your project. Your space needs, design preferences, and personal details, are all identified.

Modern living room in penthouse condo, Marco Island FL
Marco Island – Penthouse Condo Remodel

Step 2: “Storyboard Process,”™ is when your design team is selected and ideas are transformed into a preliminary schematic floor plan. Your estimated budget range is revised to reflect the accepted plan and a chart of allowances is created for the selection process that follows. Specific code or structural issues will be assessed and resolved at this stage.

Custom kitchen remodel overlooking the water, Home Builders In Naples Florida
Naples – Parkshore Home Remodel

Step 3: “Rendering to Scale,”™ is where selections and specifications are finalized to complete the bid process. A full set of construction plans are created to maximize design, innovation, and value engineering to meet your budget. Upon completion, a final construction agreement is presented for your approval.

Step 4: “The Big Event,”™ is when the 41 West Construction Team transforms your plans into reality. Your plans are built to specifications.

Custom family beach house, Naples FL
Naples – Moorings Custom Home

Step 5: “Happily Ever After.”™ Your project has been completed, on time, on budget, and 41 West has earned your 5-Star review. On-Call Services™ offers asset protection through a carefree maintenance menu and support of the 41 West industry leading 5 year warranty.

Our proprietary process, “The 5 Simple Steps” allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and 41 West builds it.

By following “The 5 Simple Steps,”
You’ll love coming home!

Build your dream home with the best home builders in Naples Florida.

We live in New York and needed to feel confident that the job was going to get completed to perfection in a timely fashion. They nailed it.

J&C E – NY

Outstanding design and workmanship. Job completed on time and budget. We recommend 41 West to all of our friends.

K&D J - UK

Proactive, creative, and timely service. The 41 West Team kept every promise. We could not be more delighted with the result.

M&J L – MN

Ranked #1 Home Builders in Naples Florida

41 West is the most trusted home builder in Naples Florida for a variety of reasons. For starters, our experienced team provide clients with quality craftsmanship, high-grade materials and the latest green building techniques. What's more, we specialize in building homes that are designed to fit a wide range of preferences and customizations. We also offer an array of services and products such as custom woodwork, innovative kitchens, spacious outdoor living areas and smart home technology which provide convenience and luxury to every property we build or renovate. Additionally, our commitment to client satisfaction ensures that any issues or queries are resolved quickly and efficiently. With the combination of competitive pricing and quality workmanship, it's no surprise that 41 West is ranked among the most reliable home builders in Naples Florida!

How much does it cost to build a house in Naples Florida?

Many buyers feel building a home can be very expensive and overwhelming. Where do you start? What are the budget considerations? Others wonder if there is a professional that they can trust who can guide them through this process. The price of building a custom home starts with the cost of building the shell. The shell typically accounts for 40-60% of the total cost of a custom home. The size and architectural style of the home are the major factors affecting the shell price. The remaining costs of construction, which will represent 40-60% of the total cost, are based on lot improvements, design, and material selections. Overall, the buyer is in full control of the final price by making decisions on over 60% of the features that will cause the final pricing to be at, above, or below their desired budget. For further information, download our free guide.

How much does it cost to build a house in Florida 2022?

Building a house in Florida is often thought of as an expensive venture, but it does not have to be. While the average cost of building in Florida is slightly lower than other states around the country, there are 5 primary factors that influence the cost to build a house. Materials are also a major determinant of cost, with expenses ranging from roofing materials to siding, doors and windows. Labor costs can range significantly as well; basic construction includes subcontractors to do the electrical, plumbing, masonry and painting among others. Ultimately, it’s best to check with your local contractor or do some online research before committing to any budget estimates. Doing so will ensure you get the best service and price possible when commissioning a builder to construct your dream home in Florida.

Are houses expensive in Naples Florida?

The Naples, FL area is highly desirable for its pristine beaches and high-end amenities, which has driven the local housing market to new heights. The median listing home price rose 19.5% from November 2021 to 2022, now reaching $699k. That being said, the median home sold price weighs in at $627.6K with he current median listing home price per square foot is at $376, which is indicative of the area's overall appeal and quality of life.

Who is the number one builder in Florida?

The number one builder in the state of Florida is an award-winning team of dedicated professionals. With decades of combined experience and devotion, the 41 West team uses their wealth of knowledge to help individuals design and create a dream home that suits their individual needs and lifestyle. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to sustainability are evident in all of their work, making them the premier choice for those looking to create an exceptional living space. They offer personalized services, focusing on each customer's individual vision while taking into account each critical aspect of construction. From helping homeowners choose the perfect materials to making sure every detail follows proper building codes, they ensure satisfaction with each step, offering the best quality service possible.

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