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B.J. Barone of 41 West
B.J. Barone
41 West

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BJ Barone at 41 West

As a life student of sales and marketing, BJ has focused his efforts over the last 35 years in building successful business operations in advertising, real estate, and luxury residential construction. He is the co-owner of 41 West, which he founded in 1995. BJ is responsible for business development and client/affiliate relationships.

Paul Widhalm at 41 West

Paul joined 41 West in 2006 as co-owner and is responsible for design and construction operations. Paul holds a Florida general contractors license and has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of construction. Our clients know him as a deeply engaged partner in their projects, yet personable and accommodating. Sub-contractors know him as a fair, but vigilant partner, who only accepts their best.

Dan Barone at 41 West

Dan joined 41 West in 2004 after graduating with a BS in Finance from the University of Florida. He is responsible for administration and finance. Dan was recognized as the youngest real estate broker in the State of Florida, having earned his broker license at the age of 18. He has been the owner of 41 West Realty, Inc. since 2001.


Office: (239) 676-9341

Andrew Dahlstedt at 41 West
Andrew Dahlstedt Design Manager (239) 231-9756
Don Showens at 41 West
Don Showens Project Manager (239) 298-3947
Rick De Leon at 41 West
Rick De Leon Project Manager (239) 919-2954
George Crabtree at 41 West
George Crabtree Job Supervisor (239) 298-4864
Brian Evans at 41 West
Brian Evans Job Supervisor (239) 595-6401
Lance Heidenreich at 41 West
Lance Heidenreich Job Supervisor (239) 319-9437
Dan Medina at 41 West
Dan Medina Cabinet Manager (239) 595-4467
Steve Broge at 41 West
Steve Broge Assistant Project Manager (239) 564-0211
Luke Umscheid at 41 West
Luke Umscheid Assistant Project Manager (239) 919-7087

Business Development

Office: (239) 649-5455

Maggie Dunne at 41 West
Maggie Dunne Business Development Representative
Greg Colker at 41 West
Greg Colker Information Architect